Will UEFA Allow Ajax to Have Three Little Birds on Kits in the Future?

Ajax are not allowed by UEFA to have their Three Little Birds on the back of their kit. Could UEFA allow the Three Little Birds in the future?

"Three Little Birds" Removed From Ajax Kit Due To UEFA Rules

UEFA Allow Many Different Kinds of Team Identifications

UEFA do allow teams to have several different types of identification on playing attire, including Region Flags, City Coat of Arms, Team Logos, Team Slogans, Team Nicknames, and Team Symbols.

Are the Three Little Birds a 'Team Symbol' of Ajax?The question for UEFA is if the Three Little Birds are a 'Team Symbol' or not. Teams are allowed to display Team Symbols on their kits.

The official UEFA Equipment Regulations has a Trident of Belgium as an example for Team Symbols.

Ajax are now trying to strengthen the connection between the Three Little Birds and the club.

The connection between the Three Little Thirds and Ajax started in 2008 when the stadium's DJ played the song for the first time. It is now played at every Ajax home match.

City coats of arms are allowed on kits

To push pressure on UEFA, the Dutch side have highlighted the meaning and the connection the Three Little Birds have to the club this week.

Ajax Respond to UEFA's Ban of Three Little Birds

The club released a video about the 'Three Little Birds', the symbol appeared on several locations in Amsterdam and was also put on the team's bus.

UEFA recognize Hillsborough 96 as Liverpool club symbol

Due to UEFA's ban and Ajax's campaign, the Three Little Birds are now even more connected to AjaxIf Ajax continue to make the club synonymous with the Three Little Birds, we think UEFA could be forced to recognize the Three Little Birds as a Team Symbol.

Manchester United was forced to remove 1999 detailing from their kit in 2019-20

Do you think the Three Little Birds are already an Ajax Team Symbol? Do you think UEFA will recognize the Three Little Birds as Team Symbol of Ajax in the future? Comment below.