Dryworld Tease Announcement of "Premier Sport" Kit Deal

Update: In their latest end-of-year update, released in early January, Dryworld have announced that they will announce a "technical partnership with a Premier Sport team starting July 2022."

The phrasing as well as the month of July hint at this being about a football team, although so far we haven't heard of any imminent deal involving the brand.

In 2016, a new brand entered the football market - Dryworld. Now we can confirm that Dryworld are set to reenter the soccer market and sponsor teams again.

Dryworld Industries Inc. are a Canadian athletic footwear and apparel company based in Victoria, BC, Canada. They have a short but controversial history in football.

Dryworld apparently went bankrupt in 2017

In 2016, Dryworld signed deals with English soccer clubs Watford and Queens Park Rangers as well as Brazilian soccer clubs Fluminense, Goiás, and Atlético Mineiro. However, already by January 2017, Dryworld apparently went bankrupt. They did not supply any teams since then.

In December 2020, Dryworld completed a reverse merger with Nexus Energy Services to become a publicly-traded company.

Dryworld Announce Super League Triathlon Deal

On December 7, 2021, Dryworld became the official apparel partner of the Super League Triathlon (SLT). It is their first major deal since they disappeared from the scene in 2017.

We have been told that Dryworld are negotiating with at least one team. Our source did not tell us which team, unfortunately.

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