New Czech National Team Logo Unveiled

The new badge of the Czech national team was unveiled a few days ago, following the presentation of the new federation (FACR) logo earlier this year.

New Czech Republic Football Association Logo Unveiled

Czech National Team Logo (2022)

Compare the old new logos of the Czech Republic national team below.

Ten years after the last update, the new Czech NT logo goes for a design that's similar to the one used by the federation.

"This year we have already introduced the new FACR logos and the Our Football project. At the same time, we announced that by the end of the year, in which we commemorate 120 years of Czech football, we will also unveil a new national team emblem. This is not a revolutionary change, but rather a modernization. However, one thing was clear - the lion had to stay in the emblem, because it is an unmistakable symbol of the Czech national team, with which players and fans identify," said the chairman of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, Petr Fousek.

The creator of the new design, Aleš Mička, who worked with the VMLY & R advertising agency, relied on the current emblem of the national team, but was also inspired by, among other things, the appearance of historical coats of arms from the time of the Přemyslid dynasty. As per the official announcement, the result is a "clearly original appearance of the lion and the entire coat of arms is a modern interpretation that connects history with the present."

It will take a while until the new logo makes its debut on the Czech kit. That will only take place after the next international break in March as Puma's new collections are set to be released later due to the World Cup being held in the December rather than June.

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