When Premier League Teams Changed Logos + Logo History Of All Current Premier League Teams

Did you ever wonder how long the current Premier League logos have been in use? Let us find out.

The latest Premier League team to update their logo were Norwich City, which released a new crest on 24 November 2021. The club highlighted the fact that they were that current Premier League team who haven't changed their logo for the longest time of all...

Premier League Teams & Their Last Logo Change

All of the current Premier League teams have changed their logo in the past thirty years, except Newcastle United. Liverpool (1999) and Manchester United (1998) are the only other teams who changed theirs in the past millennium.

Man Utd's and Liverpool's logos are in use for the longest periodWhen looking at the evolution of the crests, each team's current crests, and the recently launched logos, it becomes obvious that some are ready for an update. The logos of Manchester United, Liverpool, and Leeds all feature a 3D effect, something that does not fit in the current age.

The latest Premier League team ahead of Norwich to change their logo were Brentford, who released a new crest in 2017.

Liverpool and Manchester United's logos have old-fashioned 3D logo effectsWhich Premier League logo is your favorite? Which team should consider updating their crest? Share your thoughts in the comments below.