Chelsea Allowed to Wear FIFA Club World Cup Champions Badge For Remainder of Premier League Season

Update: Confirming the previous reports, Chelsea are wearing the FIFA Club World Cup badge in the Premier League match against Burnley this afternoon. They will do so until the end of the Premier League season.

Update: Chelsea have been granted permission by the Premier League to wear the Club World Cup badge on their shirts for the rest of the Premier League season. This is reported by The Sun.

Previous attempts by Manchester United and Liverpool have failed but we are sure that from now on all Premier League teams will be allowed to wear it for the remainder of each season in the future.

Update: Chelsea have debuted the gold World Champions badge on their yellow away kit in their Premier League game against Crystal Palace.

It is certainly the only game in that Chelsea FC wear the gold FIFA badge in the Premier League. The league certainly gave the club one-off permission to wear it, like they have done for Liverpool two years ago.

Update: The first actual photo of the 2021 World Champions badge on Chelsea's 21-22 home shirt was shared by Twitter user @shirt_fan, who's got a customized Champions League edition of the shirt. As expected, the badge appears between the Nike and Chelsea logos.

In case you missed it, the badge will not be allowed to be worn in the Premier League, apart from a possible one-off game.

Chelsea today won the 2021 FIFA World Club Cup. This means they are able to wear a special badge on their kits, at least in international matches....

It is the first time that Chelsea won the Club World Cup, and so it is also the first time that they gained the gold badge that was introduced in 2007. AC Milan were the first team to receive the FIFA Club World Cup winners badge in 2007, followed by Manchester United, Barcelona - on three different occasions - Inter, Corinthians, Bayern Munich (2013 & 2020), Real Madrid (2014, 2016-2018) and Liverpool (2019).

Chelsea Kit With 2021 FIFA World Club Badge

There are no images of the badge on the Chelsea kit yet. We strongly expect the golden badge to be placed in the center between the Nike logo and the club crest.

Chelsea will be only allowed to wear the badge in UEFA competitions and, possibly, one single EPL match

However, Chelsea will be only able to wear the badge in UEFA competitions. Premier League do not allow teams to wear it. There is, however, a chance that Chelsea will wear it in a single match - Liverpool FC was allowed to wear it in one single Premier League game two years ago.

Chelsea will debut the golden FIFA Club World Cup Champions Badge in the Champions League match against Lille on February 22 at the latest. It is possible that they will be granted permission to wear it in the Premier League against Crystal Palace on February 19.

The badge retails at 7 Euro

The golden FIFA badge costs you 7 Euro on Chelsea's official store. It is only possible to add it with UEFA badges but not with Premier League badges.

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