Ranking All MLS 2022 Kits - Much Better Work From Adidas Than In Previous Years

With the 27th MLS season a little less than a day from commencing, it is time to take a look at how the fans have reacted to the new jerseys for the upcoming season.

Complete 2022 MLS Kit Overview - All 28 Teams' Jerseys Released

2022 MLS Jerseys

All of this season's kits continue to be supplied by Adidas. With the exception of expansion side Charlotte FC, each team received one new jersey (either home or away), carrying over another from last year. Charlotte released two kits for their maiden year in MLS.

From next year, MLS teams will start using the new Adidas logo on their kits.

As always, the new kits from last season are carried for another year.

2022 MLS Kit Ratings

As always, some jerseys were highly popular among fans while others did not receive the same positive views. The users of the kit website Football Kit Archive rated their favourite and least favourite new MLS kits.

Some kits were a hit, others not so muchIt was the new Vancouver Whitecaps' new jersey that came out on top, with a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. After Toronto FC had the most celebrated kit last season, their new one has garnered the opposite response. With 2.9 stars out of 5, the new Toronto FC kit had the worst rating of the lot.

We put the new kits in five tiers in accordance with fans' favorites, with S (supreme) being the highest. The top three jerseys - Vancouver Whitecaps, Philadelphia Union, and Orlando City were in the S tier. As Toronto FC's was the only one below 3 stars out of 5, their kit is the sole D tier.

2021 MLS Carryover Jerseys

We encourage you to vote for your favourite MLS 2022 kits on Football Kit Archive and to create your own MLS 2022 kit tier list.

Which MLS jerseys do you like? Which ones are not as good-looking? Do you agree with our tier list? Comment below, and also share your tier list.