Charleston Battery 2022 Third Kit Released

Charleston Battery's new 2022 third jersey was released yesterday. It is made by Hummel and will be debuted in the US Open Cup.

Charleston 2022 Third Jersey

Check out Hummel's Charleston 2022 third jersey below.

Dubbed the "Recharge Kit", the Hummel Charleston Battery 2022 third jersey was released in collaboration with Volvo Car USA, the club's main sponsor. The mainly grey shirt is inspired by the Volvo C40, with a pattern resembling the topography that surrounds Charleston.

All logos appear in a monochrome white look, with orange showing up in the form of outlined Hummel branding. This color symbolizes the saftey features of Volvo's cars.

Grey shorts and white socks complete the new Hummel Charleston Battery 2022 third outfit.

The Hummel Charleston 2022 third football shirt costs you $80.

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