Could Lazio's 22-23 Kits Look Like This? Mizuno x Nivelcrack Jerseys Released

Mizuno have teamed up with Korean streetwear brand Nivelcrack to create a pair of football jerseys. Could Lazio receive something similar for the 22-23 season?

Mizuno x Nivelcrack Football Jerseys

Check out the shirts below.

The two shirts are based on the same template and have contrasting colourways. A mandarin collar, raglan sleeves and subtle two-tone colour schemes are some of the features. Nivelcrack branding is woven into the jacquard fabric within every second stripe that runs down the front and back of the shirt. The brand's slogan of "Reach Beyond" is inscribed on the back of the collar. The shirts will be go on sale on May 19th.

Mizuno's sporting heritage and the streetwear input of Nivelcrack combine to create two sleek looking jerseys. Signing up Sergio Ramos and Lazio has marked Mizuno's resurgence in football and has given them their biggest club in quite a long time. If they want to continue to strengthen their brand in European football and sign more clubs, they could use their first kits with Lazio to make a statement.

The collar, the striped design, the jacquard pattern and the light contrast between colours all add a touch of quality to these shirts created with Nivelcrack. Any combination of these features could be used for their Lazio shirts and would surely help them to stand out among the many new kits also competing for attention.

Despite the smaller status of the other teams they produce kits for in Europe, Mizuno have not simply stuck to copy and paste templates. See some of the shirts they produced for the 21-22 season for teams in the Italian Serie C and Portugal's Primeira Liga above.

Between the elegant designs of these Nivelcrack jerseys and the shirts the effort they've put into smaller club's shirts recently, Lazio fans should be confident of getting some pretty decent kits next season.

Do you think Mizuno will give Lazio their top club treatment and create something special for them? Comment below.