MSV Duisburg 22-23 120th Anniversary Home, Away & Third Kits + Anniversary Logo Revealed

MSV Duisburg's 2022-2023 home, away and third kits were unveiled today, celebrating the club's 120th anniversary with retro-inspired designs.

Notably, the home shirt will be available to buy in two variants - once with the logo of new main sponsor 'trinkgut' in all its colorful glory, and one with a recolored logo. The former version will be used by the team in official matches.

MSV Duisburg 22-23 Home, Away & Third Kits

These are the MSV Duisburg 2022-2023 home, away and third jerseys.

Duisburg's new 22-23 home jersey features the trademark blue and white hoops alongside a traditional collar. The other key standout of the Duisburg 2022-23 home football shirt is the logo, which is the club's official 120th anniversary edition. This special logo is used across the entire range this season.

MSV Duisburg's 2022-2023 away jersey combines black and dark grey in a graphic design. Completing the set, the new MSV Duisburg 2022-23 third jersey is red with white logos and trim in maroon.

MSV Duisburg's 2022-23 home, away and third shirts will be available from July 1.

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