Changing Logos Confirmed? Spotify Want to "Do Creative Things" on Barcelona Kits

The hope that Barcelona's shirts will names or logos of different artists as part of their sponsorship deal with Spotify was dealt a blow when the club didn't feature a single such mock-up during the members assembly to ratify the deal back in April. In a recent interview, however, Spotify CEO Alex Norstrom made comments that indicate it will happen after all.

Spotify CEO Says Not Just Spotfiy Logo Will Be on Barca Kits

The deal between Barcelona and Spotify has been one of the most talked about shirt sponsorships in recent times, with a lot of the buzz centering around the possibility of changing music-related logos appearing on Barca's shirts throughout the season. Talk of this died down after the board were shown mock-up images featuring just the basic Spotify logo on the front of the shirt, but Alex Norstrom has given quite a clear indication that Spotify still have something more interesting in mind.

The mockup-mages shown to the members assembly in April.

In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, he said:

"One of the keys to this agreement is that it wasn't just to put the Spotify logo on the shirt. One of the priorities was to do creative things with everything in the Espai Barça and also on the shirt. We want it to be a platform to promote artists. We have not yet discussed if it will be only on shirts or on training jerseys."

Barcelona's 22-23 home shirt was released recently and featured the Spotify logo on the chest in the launch photos, while it is on sale both with and without a sponsor logo. This could potentially be to allow for a different logo to be printed on at a later stage, and to give fans a choice of which artist they would like on their shirt. Norstrom saying that certain elements have not yet been discussed would back up this theory.

The possibility of QR codes or other interactive initiatives on the shirts has also been touted, but the Spotify CEO's comments seem to imply that different artists will play a key part in the visual aspect of the sponsorship deal.

Probably best to avoid this particular one.

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