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Best Ball of The Year? Futuristic Adidas Argentum 2022-23 Ball Released

The new ball for the 2022-23 Superliga Argentina and Argentinean Cup has been revealed by the AFA (Asociación del Fútbol Argentino) on Friday. It is called "Gotán Argentum".

Adidas Gotán Argentum

The Adidas 2022-2023 Gotán Argentum soccer ball is "inspired by the classic Tango ball but with a novel design and a shade of purple colors inspired by gender equality".

The colors are inspired by gender equality

It combines a white base with a stunning orange and purple design - even the AFA logo boasts the gradient effect.

If we look at the tech part, the 2022 Adidas Argentum Gotán is the same as the 2022 World Cup ball.

The Adidas Gotán 2022-2023 football is not available to buy yet.

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