No More Broken Boots: Toni Kroos Switches to Brand-New Adidas Adipure 11pro Boots

Toni Kroos has said goodbye to his broken pair of the Adidas Adipure 11pro football boots, images from the 2022 UEFA Super Cup reveal.

In the 2022 UEFA Champions League final back in May, the Adidas 11pro boots worn by Kroos in the Champions League final started to tear. The sole plate almost came off.

Toni Kroos Wears Brand-New Adidas Adipure 11pro Soccer Cleats in 2022 UEFA Super Cup

For the 2022-2023 season, Toni Kroos opted to switch to a brand-new pair of the Adidas Adipure 11pro football boots. This is greatly visible in an image of the locker room and in in-game pictures.

Adidas have a German factory for custom player boots

We are very sure that Adidas specifically produced that pair of the old Adidas Adipure 11pro boots for Toni Kroos in their German factory located in Scheinfeld. The Adidas Adipure 11pro soccer cleat worn by Toni Kroos was originally released in early 2013 and discontinued in 2014.

Indeed, the sole plate of Kroos' is different from the retail one. Toni Kroos uses the old sole plate of the Adidas AdiPure III Boots, which were released in 2010.

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