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Real Madrid Still Wear Slightly Wrong La Liga Font

Since 2017, Spain's La Liga are having a streamlined kit font. However, reigning champions Real Madrid are still not wearing the typeface as wanted by the Spanish league.

Real Madrid Wears Font Without Madrid Crest, Other La Liga Teams Without Ventilation Holes

The font worn by Real Madrid in the 22-23 La Liga season lacks the club crest at the bottom. All other teams in La Liga have their crest at the bottom, including FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid.

It is nothing new that Real Madrid are not having their crest on the bottom of the official La Liga kit typeface. This has been the case since ever the league-wide typeface was introduced five years ago.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid have their crest at the bottom of their own typeface in the UEFA Champions League.

Real Madrid are not selling kits with La Liga's font at all

We are very sure that there is one main reason why Real Madrid are not having their crest at the bottom of their font. They are not happy with La Liga forcing them to wear a streamlined typeface.

A clear indicator that Real Madrid are no fans of having a streamlined font can be found (or not found) in their store. They do not allow to add the La Liga typeface to their kits but just their own font.

Other teams of the Spanish La Liga such as Atlético and Valencia wear correct La Liga fonts with their logo on the bottom but without ventilation holes.

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