Messi, Ronaldinho & Pogba Wear Throwback Pepsi Shirt in World Cup Ad

Update: As expected, Pepsi's classic blue and navy football kit has been revived for their new World Cup ad, 20 years after it was first used ahead of the 2002 World Cup. The new ad is set in Qatar and sees Messi, Pogba, Ronaldinho take on the locals in a "Nutmeg Royale".

Classic Pepsi Shirt Brought Back for New Ads

The new Pepsi World Cup ad has the big names and big budget that usually go along with these kinds of ads, but they've dug into their archives to add some nostalgic value by bringing back the shirt from their 2002 World Cup campaign. Check it out below.

The short contains FIFA Street style footwork, meticulously choreographed scenes, cameos from Fabrizio Romano's twitter account and Luva de Pedreiro, and Ronaldinho in a sleeveless version of the Pepsi shirt, but they still managed to make one major blunder. Surely it doesn't count as a nutmeg if you don't retrieve the ball after it passes through your opponents legs?

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Original article: Leaked photos suggest that Pepsi are to re-release the football shirt from their star-studded 2002 World Cup ads.

Pepsi World Cup Shirt Leaked

Photos have emerged online of Brazilian internet star Luva de Pedreiro filming a video while kitted out in the Pepsi football kit made famous by their 2002 ad campaign starring the likes of David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo and Gianluigi Buffon.

The shirt has Ajax-like colour blocking, navy in the centre with light blue on the outer torso and sleeves. Seeing as it is 20 years since the original ad campaign, they have a nice round number to celebrate the anniversary and play on the nostalgic value of the original.

Earlier this year Ronaldinho appeared in a Pepsi ad wearing a similar shirt, but this one looks to be an exact replica of the jersey from 2002.

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