Liverpool 23-24 Home Kit, Pre-Match & Training Shirts Leaked

The first releases of the 2023-24 season are still more than half a year away. However, we already get an early look at the Nike Liverpool 23-24 collection, including the kits, training, and pre-match jerseys. Big thanks to Liverpool kit expert @KB2X for the images.

Liverpool 2023-2024 Home Kit, Pre-Match & Training Shirts

The Nike 2023-2024 Liverpool collection has very similar templates as seen in the 22-23 season. All have bespoke colorways, while the kit and pre-match also have bespoke designs (although the kit is fairly simple).

The different items of the 2023-2024 season collection for Nike by Liverpool are more connected than they seem to be at first glance.

The Liverpool 23-24 pre-match jersey features one of the colors of the Liverpool 23-24 home kit, while the Liverpool 23-24 training jersey has the colors of the away (the actual kit will be white and not silver).

The color of the Liverpool 23-24 home kit is the main color of the pre-match jersey, even though that is hardly visible due to the graphic. The University Red can be seen inside the collar.

The kits have similar colors but contrasting designsIn terms of the designs, both the Liverpool Football Club home and away shirts are totally different fromt the pre-match and training jerseys.

Liverpool 23-24 Away Kit Prediction

The Liverpool 23-24 home kit has a very simple design, in contrast to the LFC pattern of the pre-match shirt. Meanwhile, the Liverpool 23-24 away kit is set to boast a one-of-a-kind graphic design and no modern clean look as the training shirt.

Liverpool 23-24 Home Kit

The Nike Liverpool 2023-24 home jersey has a very simple design, similar to their current home shirt. Based on the same Nike Dri-Fit ADV template as their 22-23 third jersey, the shirt has a two tone colourway in plain "gym red" and white.

Liverpool 23-24 Home Kit Leaked

Liverpool 23-24 Pre-match Kit

The Nike Liverpool 2023-2024 pre-match football shirt has a bespoke design in different shades of red, combined with white for logos. The base color is the same University red used for the 23-24 home shirt.

LFC or CLF? Liverpool 23-24 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

Liverpool 23-24 Away Kit (Early Prediction)

The predicted Nike Liverpool Football Club 2023-24 away football shirt combines white and green with logos and accents in black.

Liverpool 23-24 Away Kit Prediction

Liverpool 23-24 Training Shirt

The Nike Liverpool 2023-2024 training has a similar color scheme as the away kit. It is silver with black sleeves and a green design panel on the front.

Liverpool 23-24 Training Leaked - Hint At 23-24 Away Kit Colors

Liverpool 23-24 Third Kit Info Leaked

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