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Adidas Extend MLS Deal Until 2030 - Each Team to Get 3-4 Million USD/Year?

Adidas and Major League Soccer (MLS) have agreed to a new sponsorship deal until 2030. We take a closer look at the numbers and how much each team will approximately get from Adidas per year.

Adidas have been the exclusive league-wide outfitter of every MLS team since 2004 - in 2030, they will have made MLS teams kits for 26 years.

Adidas x MLS Deal Until 2030

The new Adidas x MLS kit deal has record-breaking numbers. According to CNBC, the sponsorship deal has a term until 2030 (six-ear deal) and a volume of $830 million (780 million euros ). It is the largest commitment Adidas have made to North American football to date, the report says.

Each team will get 3-4 million USD per year from Adidas

While the total sum appears extremely high, the value for each team per year is anything but incredible. Per year, Adidas pay $138 million. Broken down to each team, this means that every club receives around $4.75 million/year.

It is not known if the Adidas x MLS deal is money-only, or, more likely, a figure made up of two components: an agreed fixed contract sum plus benefits in kind (the gear provided by Adidas). If so, we expect each MLS team to receive $3-4 million USD/year.

Adidas had signed the previous contract with the MLS in 2017. The contract had a volume of $700 million and expires next year, according to CNBC.

Under the new agreement, Adidas will continue to supply the MLS with branded clothing, training equipment, footwear, and the official MLS ball. In addition, Adidas will work with the league on initiatives and investments aimed at promoting the sport and the business. The focus is apparently already on 2026, when the World Cup will be held in North America.

Adidas x MLS 2030 Kit Deal - Key Facts

  • Adidas and Major League Soccer (MLS) have agreed to a new sponsorship deal until 2030
  • The sponsorship deal has a term of six years and a volume of $830 million (780 million euros)
  • Adidas pay $138 million per year under the new deal, which is broken down to each team receiving around $4.75 million/year
  • It is not clear whether the Adidas x MLS deal is money-only or whether it includes benefits in kind, such as the gear provided by Adidas
  • If the deal includes benefits in kind, it is expected that each MLS team will receive $3-4 million USD/year

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