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Haaland to Rejoin Nike? Debuts Brand-New Nike Phantom GX Special Edition

Update: Erling Haaland has debuted the brand-new Nike Phantom GX football boots in today's Premier League match against Crystal Palace. This makes it much more likely that he has sealed a deal with the Swoosh (and luckily for Nike, these boots also got some interesting sole plate, as seen by millions after Haaland's celebration).

Haaland Debuts Nike Phantom GX Link Football Boots

Update: Erling Haaland has now trained in the brand-new special-edition Nike Phantom GX Link football boots, making a deal with the Swoosh again more likely. It remains to be seen if Haaland will wear them vs Crystal Palace on Saturday, or if he will stay with his Nike Mercurial.

Erling Haaland, the Norwegian professional footballer for Manchester City, could very soon announce an extension with Nike, the latest images suggest.

Haaland Wears Nike x Tiffany "Family & Friends" Editions

Haaland was spotted wearing a special edition varsity jacket and Nike AF-1 shoes, both in a Friends & Family edition of the Nike x Tiffany & Co. ‘1837’ collaboration. The special jacket and shoes are not available for purchase to the public and were created specifically for friends and family of the brand. This makes an extension of the Nike x Haaland deal yet again a bit more likely.

The AF-1 x Tiffany & Co. ‘1837’ marks the first collaboration between Nike and Tiffany & Co., two iconic brands in the worlds of sportswear and luxury. The shoe is set to retail for $400. With only 1837 pairs available, they are sure to sell out immediately and hit exorbitant second-market prices.

Haaland was still wearing his beloved old yellow Nike Mercurial soccer cleats in the last Premier League match.

27 February 2023: Report: Haaland to Rejoin Nike - Haaland Expects £20 Million Per Year, "Product Satisfaction of Primary Importance"

Update: The mystery surrounding Erling Haaland's new outfitter seems to be on the verge of being resolved. As The Athletic report, the Norwegian has now made up his mind and will soon sign a new contract - with his old supplier Nike.

Haaland's "Camp Expect 20 million GBP/Year" For The Boot Deal

Lucrative proposals have been made by Adidas, Nike, and Puma. Haaland's camp expects a package worth approximately £20 million ($24 million) per year, with product satisfaction being of primary importance. Nike, which have had ties to Haaland since he was 14 years old, are considered the frontrunner to secure his endorsement deal, given his recent boot choices.

product satisfaction is of primary importance for Haaland

While Adidas, with its new CEO and close friend of Haaland's family, may pose a late challenge, Puma is believed to have conceded defeat after signing Haaland's colleague, Jack Grealish, from Nike.

5 February 2023: Haaland Tests Nike Phantom GX Football Boots

Update: Haaland was back in his beloved yellow Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 football boots for the Premier League match against Tottenham. This probably means that a new Nike deal is not as close as Saturday's training suggested.

Haaland Back in Yellow Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 For Tottenham Premier League Match

February 4: New Nike Deal? Erling Haaland Trains in Latest Nike Phantom GX Soccer Cleats

Haaland's ever-changing choice of footwear has generated a lot of buzz in the sports community, with fans and boot aficionados speculating about which brand he might sign with next. Now the boot saga of Erling Haaland could come to an end, at least images of Saturday's training suggest.

Erling Haaland, the Norwegian football sensation, has been without a boot deal since his Nike deal expired in January of 2022. Since then, he has been seen wearing various different Adidas, Nike, and Puma boots. In the last few months, however, he has continued to wear the same Nike Mercurials. They did not look very worn out in the last matches.

Erling Haaland Trains in Latest Nike Phantom GX Soccer Cleats

Images reveal that Haaland yesterday (Saturday, 4 February 2923) trained in the brand-new Nike Phantom GX boots.

Did Haaland just want to protect his old Mercurials?

This could mean that Haaland has decided to officially rejoin Nike, a company he's had a long history with. It could also just mean that he did want to "protect" his old yellow Mercurials.

The Nike Phantom GX boots are designed to provide unmatched precision, control, and power on the field, making them the perfect choice for Haaland.

The football boot world will be watching closely if Haaland will debut the Nike Phantom GX against Tottenham on Sunday.

Do you think Nike and Erling Haaland will rejoin Nike and announce a new deal soon? Comment below.