Is This the New Adidas mi Team/Locker Room 2023 Template?

With the recent release of some smaller clubs' Adidas kits, many unique looking color schemes appeared, however, a universal template could be observed.

Adidas 2023 mi Team Template

The old Adidas mi Team website was decommissioned back in December of 2022, relocating to Adidas Locker Room. However, this site is not yet publically available, only granting access to retailers.

This means the new 2023 mi Team templates have been shrouded in mystery. That is until now, since the new Nordic Adidas shirts for the 2023 season have shed some light on the matter.

None of these clubs are large enough to receive bespoke designs from the German brand, being given mi Team designs in past seasons. This year looks to be the same, as all were outfitted with an identical template.

This new 2023 mi Team template is inspired by the 2022 World Cup designs, featuring the same side stripes and back panels, along with the new Adidas logo of course. In fact, it is the first mi Team kit to make use of the new logo.

There also seems to be an option for choosing the collar style: V-shape and crew neck. The only graphics we know so far are stripes, pinstripes and blank.

Otherwise there are many similarities to last year's mi License 22 template, especially around the sleeves and shoulders.

In our opinion, Adidas have done an amazing job with their new mi Team jersey, since it allows smaller teams to display their own colours and designs rather than relying on simple teamwear.

What do you think of the new Adidas mi Team template for 2023? Comment below.