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Flamengo 24-25 Home Kit Released + Away & Third Kit Predictions

Update: Three days after it was revealed with the help of NBA player Donovan Mitchell, Adidas today officially launched the new Flamengo 2024-25 home kit. Surprisingly, it is based on the old Adidas 2022-23 template (unlike in previous years, when Flamengo were the first team to get next season's template.

Update: The Adidas Flamengo 2024-25 home kit has been revealed by Adidas in a clever way. The new Flamengo 2024-2025 home jersey was shown in a meeting between Flamengo's striker Pedro and NBA star Donovan Mitchell during the team's tour in the USA.

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Flamengo's board approved the Adidas 24-25 kits' designs ready around April 2023.

Flamengo 2024 Home Kit

Check out the Adidas' Flamengo 2024-25 home shirt below.

The Adidas Flamengo 2024-2025 home shirt features the traditional red and black hoops but with a twist. The hoops have a gradient to them - the red stripes get smaller toward the bottom, while the black stripes get bigger.

Unlike previous years, the Adidas and CRF (Clube de Regatas do Flamengo) logos are no longer white but are now silver.

Long-Sleeve Version

Template-wise, the Adidas Flamengo 2024 home kit uses the "old" Adidas 2022 World Cup model and not the upcoming Adidas Tiro 24 template. It has the same collar as the Spain 2022 World Cup and Roma 23-24 home kits.

Flamengo 24-24 Away Kit

This picture shows the Adidas Flamengo away jersey for 24-25.

The Adidas Flamengo 24-25 away football shirt is entirely white with the CRF logo, the star representing the Club World Cup, and the Adidas logo in Carbon.

Like the home kit, the new Flamengo 24-25 away kit comes with gradient hoops, but this time, they are less prominent - silver on the white base.

Flamengo 24-24 Third Kit

This picture shows the Adidas Flamengo third football shirt for 2024-25.

Like all Adidas 24-25 Elite Team third kits, the Adidas Clube de Regatas do Flamengo 2024-25 third shirt comes with the Trefoil instead of the regular modern Adidas logo.

Design-wise, the Adidas Flamengo 2024-2025 third kit is expected to be very simple, letting the logos stand out.

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The Flamengo 2024-2025 home kit was launched in January 2024, with the away following shortly after likely. The Flamengo 24-25 third kit will be launched around August 20924.

Do you like the looks of the Flamengo 2024-25 home, away, and third kits? Comment below.