Napoli 23-24 Home & Away Kits Released + Third Leaked

Update: Napoli have debuted their 2023-2024 EA7 home kit, and it looks even better than in the launch pictures. The shade of blue is not as classic as in Napoli's social media picture - they have applied a photo filter that lets the blue appear more vintage.

Napoli 23-24 Home Kit - Filter vs No Filter

The new Napoli 23-24 home and away kits were launched today. They were very well received but also retail at a very high price of 130 Euros (match version - not other versions available yet).

What stands out immediately about the new Napoli 2023-2024 kit set is the fact that only the MSC sponsor appears on the front, with the red Lete sign no longer there.

Napoli 23-24 Home Kit

Check out EA7's SSC Napoli 23-24 home jersey below.

The EA7 SSC Napoli 2023-24 home shirt is sky blue with the colors of the Italian flag on the collar and cuffs.

Further details of the EA7 SSC Napoli 2023-2024 home jersey include white seams on the shoulders and a subtle pattern across the front.

Napoli 23-24 Away Kit

This is the new EA7 SSC Napoli away jersey for 2023-24.

The EA7 Napoli 2023-24 away jersey is white combined with dark blue for all logos and trim.

What makes the Napoli 2023-2024 away kit stand out is the design of Mount Vesuvius, a symbol of the identity of the City.

Napoli 23-24 Third Kit

This is the new EA7 SSC Napoli third jersey for 2023-24.

Completing the set, the EA7 SSC Napoli 2023-24 third football shirt combines a dark grey base with golden logos and features a tonal pattern on the sleeves and around the crest.

The Napoli 23-24 home and away kits launch on Monday, 10 July 2023. The retail at a price of 130 Euros.

What's your opinion on EA7's new home, away and third jerseys for Napoli? Comment below.