LAFC 2024 Home Kit Leaked

The new LAFC home jersey was leaked via @RockyPDX. It is made by Adidas and will be worn in the 2024 MLS.

LAFC 2024 Home Kit

This is the LAFC 2024 home shirt, made by Adidas.

The Adidas Los Angeles FC 2024 football shirt combines the team's usual black and gold colors.

What makes the Adidas LAFC 2024 home shirt bespkóke is its design. It has a golden pinstripe design consisting of full and half transparent stripes.

The Adidas logo is gold with a black border to offer better contrast against the pinstripe.

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LAFC 2024 Away Kit

The Adidas LAFC 2024 away kit is carried over from last year, as it is tradition.

The Adidas LAFC 2024 home shirt is available to purchase from February 2024 likely.

Made by Adidas. What's your verdict on Los Angeles FC's home kit? Comment below.