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No More In-House Kits - FC St. Pauli Sign Puma Kit Deal

Update: St. Pauli officially announced that they have signed a deal with Puma, who return after 24 years. In addition, 11teamsports will remain the exclusive finishing partner - it remains to be seen if St. Pauli will get 100% bespoke kits from Puma.

The partnership between FC St. Pauli and Puma places a significant emphasis on sustainability. The St Pauli 2024-2025 kits and training attire will be made from recycled fabrics, showcasing their commitment towards circularity and a circular economy.

FC St. Pauli's brand, DIIY, will continue to exist for special occasions and promotional events, often in partnership with Puma.

FCSP President Oke Göttlich highlighted the significance of this partnership, stating, "For FC St. Pauli, the collaboration with Puma brings heightened visibility, expanded collaborative opportunities, and enhanced economic stability through a globally recognized brand. Our ambitious sustainability goals would have remained unattainable without a major partner, or would have necessitated substantial entrepreneurial risks."

Notably, PUMA are also relocating a substantial portion of FC St. Pauli's outfit production to Europe [Turkey and a new factory in Portugal], benefiting from structures and expertise developed through FCSP merchandising and DIIY.

St. Pauli Puma Kit Deal - Key Facts

  • St. Pauli have signed a deal with Puma for 2024-2025 season and beyond - no length announced
  • DIIY, FC St. Pauli's brand, will continue to exist for special occasions, possibly special kits
  • The kits and training attire will be made from recycled fabrics
  • Puma pay almost 2 million Euro/year
  • Puma are relocating a substantial portion of FC St. Pauli's outfit production to Europe

21 October 2023: No More In-House Kits - FC St. Pauli to Sign Puma Kit Deal

FC St. Pauli and PUMA join forces in a long-term partnership, emphasizing sustainability and shared values. This collaboration sets new standards with recycled fabrics and circular economy principles while strengthening FC St. Pauli's commitment to a sustainable future.

Older fans of FC St. Pauli may fondly recall the club's history with Puma jerseys, last worn from 1997 to 2000 and previously from 1988 to 1990. Now it has been confirmed by Gol de Sergio that St. Pauli are going to return to Puma, after Bild first spread rumors it.

Since 2021, St. Pauli's players have sported the club's own brand, DiiY, with remarkable success. The absence of an official outfitter contract has been balanced by the significant sales of these beloved jerseys.

Puma St. Pauli Kit Deal

The new Puma St. Pauli kit deal is set to be on Puma's second level, below the top teams but with the same importance as other popular teams like Lens, Fenerbahce, and PSV Eindhoven. This means St. Pauli will get custom kits, which will be available to buy in the whole of Europe, and possibly even outside of Europe.

Puma, in partnership with soccer outfitter 11teamsport, have been associated with the Kiez club since 2020. Furthermore, St. Pauli have been offering an exclusive Future Z 1.4 soccer shoe.

As with their own brand, St. Pauli remain committed to one crucial aspect - sustainability. St. Pauli manager Bernd von Geldern emphasizes the importance of sustainability in their decision-making process. It remains to be seen if Puma will release particularly sustainable kits for the club.

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