Puma "Voltage" 23-24 Boots Pack Released

Entering the cold and dark winter days, Puma brings us the 'Voltage' collection with bright, bold colors and an endless source of energy.

Puma Voltage Boots Pack

This photo shows the Puma 'Voltage' boots collection.

Puma Ultra Ultimate 'Voltage' - Yellow Blaze/White/Black

Check out the new Puma Ultra Ultimate football shoes from the 'Voltage' collection below.

The Puma Ultra Ultimate 'Voltage' boots have a bright colorway for the northern hemisphere's dark time of the year. The Puma Ultra Ultimate 'Voltage' soccer cleats combine a yellow base with a white/black Formstripe.

Puma Future Ultimate 'Voltage' - Sedate Gray/Asphalt/Yellow Blaze

This photo shows the Puma 'Voltage' Future Ultimate boots.

Fitting the name, the 'Voltage Pack' Puma Future Ultimate 2023 football boots bring an electric scheme to the dark months of the year. They combine a light grey upper with striking yellow and black graphics.

Puma King Ultimate 'Voltage' - Alpine Snow/Asphalt/Yellow Blaze

This image shows the Puma 'Voltage' King Ultimate football boots.

The new Puma King Ultimate 'Voltage' is predominantly grey with a yellow tongue and black/white Formstrip.

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