Adidas Linda Caicedo "2023 Golden Girl" Boots Released

Adidas have created a special pair of football boots for 2023 Golden Girl winner Linda Caicedo.

Linda Lizeth Caicedo Alegría, or more simply, Linda Caicedo is a Colombian footballer playing for Real Madrid. He scored an impressive goal in the 2023 World Cup against Germany.

Adidas X 2023 "Linda Caicedo 2023 Golden Girl" - White/Gold

Check out the new Adidas X Crazyfast LL football boots in white/gold below.

The Adidas X Linda Caicedo Golden Gird football boots are based on the Adidas X Crazyfast.1 model. They have a white upper with golden Three Stripes and a metallic gold sole plate.

Indeed, the boots have the same color combo as the special Predators of Jude Bellingham, 2023 Golden Boy award winner.

On the heel is a playful 2023.

In terms of tech, the white/gold Adidas X Crazyfast soccer cleats from the new "Linda Caicedo 2023 Golden Girl" collection are exactly the same as all colorways released thus far.

Adidas X Crazyfast "Linda Caicedo 2023 Golden Girl" - Features

  • Special one-off pair to celebrate Linda Caicedo, 2023 Golden Girl winner
  • Based on Adidas X Crazyfast
  • Price: Not available
  • Colorway: White/Gold
  • Reveal date: 4 December 2023

Adidas" Linda Caicedo football boots are a one-off pair - they are not available to buy.

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