Will Castore Lose Every Premier League Team?

In 2023, Castore continuously encountered severe problems with the quality of the football kits it supplied. This led Newcastle and Aston Villa to part ways with Castore and look to other sports companies. Will Castore lose all the Premier League teams it supplies in the future?

Will Castore Lose Every Premier League Team?

Throughout the 22-23 season and the current 23-24 season, Castore has had problems with the quality of the shirts, the most prominent of which have been torn shirts. This has left many teams unhappy and wanting to end their contract with Castore in order to find a new shirt supplier.

Currently in the Premier League 23-24, Castore supplies kits for 3 teams: Newcastle, Aston Villa and Wolverhampton.

Castore x Newcastle

At the start of the 23-24 season, Isak's jersey was torn in the opening game of the 23-24 Premier League, leading to further questions about the quality of Castore's jersey.

Just half a month later, Newcastle announced a long-term partnership with Adidas from the 2024-25 season, replacing Castore. However, the Newcastle United Adidas deal was already sealed before - it was not related to Castore's shirt issues but mainly because of a better financial deal with Adidas.

Castore x Aston Villa

Like Newcastle, Aston Villa also have problems with Castore's shirt. For Aston Villa, the kits have a really bad breathability, which causes the shirts to stick to the players' bodies and make them uncomfortable.

It seems that the problems with the quality of the kits have not been satisfactorily resolved. The Aston Villa management has turned to Adidas and signed a contract to supply the kits from the 24-25 season.

Castore x Wolverhampton

So far, Wolverhampton has apparently not had any major problems with the quality of their shirts, except for some minor turn shirts. There are no reports that Wolverhampton Wanderers wants to leave Castore early.

However, with the poor quality of their shirts and the constant occurrence of faults, it is entirely possible that Wolverhampton kits will have a problem in the future. At that point, Wolverhampton may well find a solution to terminate the contract with Castore and find another supplier like Newcastle and Aston Villa.

Castore x Everton

Despite serious problems with the quality of its shirt, a current Premier League is set to switch to Castore - Everton. Castore is determined to sign for Everton next season to replace Hummel, whose contract expires at the end of the current campaign.

Are you surprised that Everton is set to sign with Castore? Do you think Castore will lose every Premier League team anytime and be absent from the Premier League in the future? Comment below.