Historic Decision: No More Nike - Barcelona to Produce Kits In-House

Barcelona are set to make a historic decision as they are reportedly ready to ditch Nike and produce their own kit, according to the latest information from Sport.es.

Barcelona to Produce Kits In-House

Although there are reports that Barcelona and Nike are continuing to work together, it is likely that after negotiations the two sides have still not found a common language and Barca have decided to produce the shirts in-house.

As well as Nike, Puma are also willing to pay up to 200 million euros per season to take over the role of Barcelona kit supplier. Not only that, but Hummel is also plan B for the Barca kit, as we reported.

According to Sport.es, Barcelona are planning to produce their own shirts. It would do so through BLM, which already manufactures and distributes all the club's non-sports clothing, as well as other Barça-branded objects.

The final decision will be made in March 2024, as early as next week. Barca will wait for the final contact with those responsible for Nike. They are not too optimistic and do not believe that Nike will accept what Barca are asking for, which is more money than they are currently receiving.

Everything seems to be going according to president Joan Larpota's previous statements. He confirmed that Barça are considering ending their relationship with Nike and has not ruled out making their own kits.

This means that Barcelona will sponsor itself and keep 100% of the profits.

In-House FC Barcelona Products

What do you think about Barcelona ending its longstanding partnership with Nike? Do you think it is feasible for Barcelona to produce their own shirts? Comment below.