"Farmers League": How the All-New Ligue 1 McDonald's Logo Could Look

This week, the Professional Football League (LFP) released an all-new logo for the Ligue 1. Just the week before, the LFP formalized the signing of a naming contract with McDonald's for Ligue 1 for the 2024-2027 cycle. The logo was presented without the McDonald's branding - Footy Headlines imagines how it could look.

The new Ligue 1 branding has a bright blue design, which does not match with McDonald's colors at all.

Imagining the All-New Ligue 1 Logo With McDonald's Branding

There are various options for how the renowned golden arches of the fast-food giant could intertwine with the prestigious French football league's branding.

It is not known if Ligue 1 will keep its own colors, or if the league will update the colors of McDonald's, which are green and yellow in France (we do not think so).

McDonald's is replacing UberEats. The UberEats logo was placed below the old Ligue 1 logo.

Stay tuned as we hope to get the first look at the official McDonald's Ligue 1 logo soon.

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