From Concept to Reality: The Fascinating Evolution of Italian Brand Ezeta

Ezeta, a small but ambitious Italian football design brand, has been making waves in the world of football apparel in the past few years. We take a closer look at the history and possible future of the brand.

2017: Foundation as EZ Design, Italian Creator(s) of Concept Kits
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The Ezeta brand is managed by Enzo Contenta and Michele Paoletti.

2017: Foundation as EZ Design, Italian Creator(s) of Concept Kits

Ezeta was founded in 2017 as EZ Design. The brand initially created concept kits, like many others. Soon, Ezeta gained recognition for its imaginative concept kits for some of football's biggest clubs. However, Ezeta's journey from concept to reality truly began when the founders decided to take their passion for football design to the next level.

Ezeta has its origins in concept designs

2020: Rebrand to Ezeta, Becomes Actual Brand - First Sponsor Deal & Kits

In 2020, EZ Design underwent a rebranding, emerging as Ezeta with a renewed focus on turning their creative concepts into tangible products. The rebranding signaled a shift from purely fictional designs to real-world applications, starting with Ezeta's first sponsorship deal with S.S. Lazio Calcio a 8, an 8-a-side football team competing in the Lega Calcio A 8 competition.

This landmark partnership was announced on 25 May 2020, marking Ezeta's transition from concept to reality as the brand ventured into producing official kits for a real football club.

When it comes to the launch pictures and scenes, we do not know any brand better than Ezeta.

2021 Until 2023: Ezeta Signs More Deals with Smaller Italian Clubs, Kits Available Globally via Classic Football Shirts

Since 2021, Ezeta has expanded its sponsorship portfolio to include several smaller Italian teams, of which all are grassroots and lower-league teams.

Footy Headlines has no information about upcoming Ezeta deals with international or professional teams

With a commitment to both design and quality, Ezeta's kits have one-of-a-kind designs and feature rubber 3D crests. Most of Ezeta's come without stitched elements. Overall, quality-wise, Ezeta's kits seem to be almost on level with the replica kits of industry giants like Adidas and Nike.

2024 & Future: New Ezeta Logo Launched - International Expansion?

In 2024, Ezeta underwent another significant change with a logo redesign, signaling its intent to reposition the brand on the international stage with its unique and distinctive style. This move reflects Ezeta's ambition to carve out a niche in the competitive world of football apparel, distinguishing itself through innovative design and uncompromising quality.

However, Ezeta's kits are already available for purchase through Classic Football Shirts, one of the world's leading retailers specializing in vintage football apparel. Priced fairly at £50, Ezeta's kits offer fans an affordable yet stylish alternative to traditional offerings from established brands.

Ezeta is also set to launch its own online store, information Footy Headlines found suggests.

In case you were wondering, Footy Headlines has no information on whether Ezeta will ever sign deals with renowned professional football clubs or even soon.

2017: Foundation as EZ Design, Italian Creator(s) of Concept Kits
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Do you like Ezeta's designs? Would you like Ezeta to go global and sign professional teams? Let us know in the comments below, and follow Ezeta on Instagram for all of its kits and designs.