Romania to Keep Kits for Euro 2024

Romania's national team will be wearing the same kit for Euro 2024 that they wore in the preliminary matches, according to Razvan Burleanu, president of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF).

Romania to Keep Kits Released in 2023 for Euro 2024

The current Romania kits were released in March 2023, just one year ago. Burleanu stated that there are no superstitions involved in this decision but rather a desire to ensure that supporters can still purchase the current national team jersey.

Romania keeps its two-year cycle instead of cashing in extra

He mentioned that a new kit would likely be launched for the next World Cup qualifying campaign. With it, they would more or less follow the usual two-year cycle.

The design of the Joma Romania Euro 2024 kits incorporates the traditional girdle, symbolizing the values that unite the team. The sleeve cuffs also include elements representative of Romania's historical regions.

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