Jordan Will Not Partner With Any London Club Next Season

Chelsea and Tottenham will not partner with Jordan Brand for the 2024-25 season and will not receive any Jordan collections. This was first reported by sponsorship expert Łukasz Bączek (@Lu_Class_) - Footy Headlines can confirm it and has more information.

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Chelsea and Tottenham to Launch Special-Edition Collections in Early 2025, But Not in Cooperation with Jordan

Footy Headlines can reveal that, while Chelsea and Tottenham will launch special edition collections, these will not include any collaboration with Jordan Brand for the 2024-25 season.

Despite ongoing discussions and reports from France that Jordan will sign with a London club, certain conditions must be met, with the Champions League being a key factor. Both Chelsea and Tottenham failed to qualify for the 2024-2025 Champions League.

Jordan and Chelsea/Tottenham could have some potential, as above concept show - made by Bozif (Tottenham) and RafaelZider_OFC (Chelsea)

Jordan Brand is expected to return to talks with Chelsea after the season, but the chances of reaching an agreement are close to zero according to Łukasz Bączek.

Will Jordan team up with another, more successful Nike club like Inter?

Footy Headlines has no information yet if Jordan will partner with another of Nike's teams - Nike will lose Liverpool to Adidas after the 2024-25 season. The most successful Nike club next to PSG is Inter currently - a partnership with Jordan and Inter could make sense.

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