Bundesliga 24-25 Kit Battle - Puma Leads

Puma has gone from sponsoring 3 teams (23-24) to 6 teams (24-25), making them the top sponsor in the 24-25 Bundesliga. Thanks to Mystery Football (@mysteryfootball) for the great chart.

Bundesliga 24-25 Kit Battle - Puma Leads

If nothing changes, we will see 8 brands in Bundesliga 24-25: Puma, Nike, Adidas, Jako, Mizuno, Castore, Hummel and Joma. This is 1 less than in the 23-24 season (no more Craft).

Puma leads the way with 6 sponsored teams (33.33%), followed by Nike with 3 teams (16.7%). Adidas, Jako and Mizuno follow with 2 teams each (11.1%/brand). Smaller brands include: Castore, Hummel and Joma all have one team.

  • Puma: 6 (Dortmund, St. Pauli, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Heidenheim, Holstein Kiel, RB Leipzig)
  • Nike: 3 (Eintracht Frankfurt, Freiburg, Wolfsburg)
  • Adidas: 2 (Bayern München, Union Berlin)
  • Jako: 2 (Mainz, Stuttgart)
  • Mizuno: 2 (Augsburg, Bochum)
  • Castore: 1 (Bayer Leverkusen)
  • Hummel: 1 (Bremen)
  • Joma: 1 (Hoffenheim)

Bundesliga 23-24 Kit Battle

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