Chelsea Kit Main Sponsor Talks with Riyadh Air Fail

Chelsea's negotiations with Riyadh Air for a lucrative front-of-shirt sponsorship deal have come to an impasse. This is reported by sponsorship insider Łukasz Bączek (@Lu_Class_) today.

Despite several rounds of discussions, the Saudi carrier and the London club could not agree on the financial terms, which led to the talks breaking down.

Infinite Athlete Most Likely to Remain Chelsea Sponsor For 24-25 Season

We likely will again see the Infinite Athlete logo on Chelsea's kits in the 2024-2025 season.

As of now, Infinite Athlete remains the most likely candidate to continue as Chelsea's front-of-shirt sponsor for the upcoming 2024-25 season, maintaining the current £43 million-a-year agreement. This decision, however, is seen as a short-term solution, potentially paving the way for future discussions with Riyadh Air from the 25-26 season.

Chelsea Has High Financial Expectations

Chelsea's expectations for sponsorship deals have been a significant barrier. The club is seeking £50 million annually for front-of-shirt sponsorship and an additional £15 million for sleeve sponsorship.

Future Possibilities with Riyadh Air

There is still potential for future collaboration. If Chelsea achieves a period of stability and sporting success, talks with Riyadh Air could resume in 2025 when the Saudi airline begins commercial operations. At that point, Riyadh Air may seek to enter the Premier League market aggressively, especially since all the other Big Six clubs have secured long-term sponsorship deals.

In the interim, Riyadh Air could become Chelsea's official global airline partner, filling a role similar to that previously held by Oman Air. This partnership would allow both parties to build a relationship without committing to the substantial front-of-shirt sponsorship immediately.

Chelsea's 24-25 kits were produced without a main sponsor. Any sponsor logo must be added afterward.

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