LEAKED: Liverpool and Nike to to Launch Huge Air Max Collection in 2025

Liverpool and Nike are set to launch an Air Max collection in 2025. This has been leaked by Sneaker Market RO and can be confirmed by Footy Headlines.

The 2024-2025 season marks Liverpool's last year with Nike, so the 2025 Liverpool Air Max collection is the last big collection by Nike for the club. It remains to be seen if Nike has prepared something to say goodbye to Liverpool at the end of the 2024-25 season.

Nike Liverpool 2025 Air Max Collection

This image shows off the colors and logos of the Liverpool Nike Air Max 2025 collection (graphic by Sneaker Market RO).

The Nike Liverpool Air Max collection is reportedly inspired by the Air Max 95, and we can expect to see the Nike Air Max 95 logo featured prominently. This branding element has been used by other football teams in the past, such as Tottenham in a special edition collection where "AIR MAX" was replaced with "SPURS".

The Nike Liverpool 2025 Air Max collection combines a beige main color with red applications. Both the Air Max logo and Liverbird will be displayed prominently.

Liverpool has previously collaborated with Nike on several sneaker releases, including multiple pairs of Nike LeBron and a pair of Nike Air Max. Given this history, it is likely that a new Liverpool Air Max sneaker could be part of the 2025 collection.

no match kit will be included, but Air Max training and pre-match stuff

The Nike Air Max Liverpool 2025 collection will feature various apparel items, also including anthem and pre-match stuff with the Air Max scheme. However, no match kit will be included.

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