New Champions League 24-25 Winners Badge

In the celebration after the recent 23-24 Champions League title, Real Madrid also debuted the new Champions League 24-25 winners' badge, which features a slight change to the previous one.

Real Madrid Champions League 24-25 Winners Sleeve Badge

The new Real Madrid 24-25 Champions League sleeve badge continues to feature the UCL trophy with a white border on the outside. The number 15 represents the 15 Champions League titles. The small change is that the new badge has small, blurred trophy images around the large trophy.

We have also created the Real Madrid normal Champions League badge. This will ONLY be used from the 25-26 season IF Real Madrid does not win the 24-25 Champions League and UEFA does not change the design of the sleeve badge.

The Real Madrid players also wore their 23-24 home kit with the new Champions League winner sleeve badge to celebrate their 15th Champions League title.

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