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Tribute to Toni Kroos: Adidas Permanently Renames Adipure 11Pro Boots to TKpro

The recent defeat to Spain at Euro 2024 has officially brought the glorious career of Toni Kroos to an end.To pay tribute to the legend of Adipure 11Pro, Adidas has decided to rename the Adipure 11Pro to 'TKpro'.

Adidas Permanently Renames Adipure 11Pro Boots to TKpro

The career of Toni Kroos is linked to Adipure 11Pro shoes. Kroos has been wearing Adipure 11Pro shoes for the last 10 years (from 2014 to the present). Therefore, when people talk about 11Pro, they talk about Kroos and vice versa, when people talk about Toni Kroos, they will always remember Adipure 11Pro shoes.

So the decision to permanently change the name from Adipure 11Pro to TKpro makes perfect sense and is a great way to pay tribute to Toni Kroos.

White/Gold Adidas TK Pro Boots

The White/Gold Adipure 11 Pro football boots celebrate 10 years of Kroos wearing his beloved Adidas Adipure 11Pro. They have the same design as the White/Blue Adipure 11 Pro shoes from 2014 but with the blue being replaced with gold.

Adidas TK Pro One-to-One Remake Cleats - Ultra-Limited

The Adidas Adipure 11pro Toni Kroos one-to-one remake soccer boots recreate the iconic boots that Toni Kroos has been wearing since 2014, including the German flag on the heel.

Love at first sight, sole mates until the last kick.

Do you like the new 'TKpro' name for the Adipure 11Pro shoes? Comment below.