Thomas Müller Reveals All-New Adidas X 15+ Skeleton Boots

FC Bayern Munich striker Thomas Müller stood out in last week's FC Bayern training session wearing an almost completely blackout boot. And while we back then thought that the 26-year old striker was wearing the upcoming limited edition Adidas X Fluid Black Pack Cleats (set to be released in mid-March), we've received new information that Müller was actually wearing an all-new Adidas Boot: The Adidas X 15+ Skeleton.

Thomas Müller Trains in Adidas X 15+ Skeleton Boots

Close-up picture of the boots worn by FC Bayern München's striker.

Featuring an almost blackout look, the blackout cleats worn by Thomas Müller look quite similar to the standard Adidas X 15.1 Football Boots. However, whereas the standard edition of the Adidas X 15.1 Boots comes with an one-piece synthetic upper, Müller's boot comes with different materials used for the forefoot and heel area.

While we have gathered no exact tech info yet, the picture suggests that the synthetic material in the heel area is made for lightweight, a sock-like fit and stability. From which materials is the front area of the boots made and why is the X-cage element shimmering?

The whole front part of the Adidas X 15+ Skeleton is made of a microfiber material of sorts. In order to offer a clean and responsive striking surfaces, Adidas added a ultra-thin synthetic layer on top of it, while the X-Cage area was kept 'open' to show the underlying texture.

To offer traction of different surfaces, the Adidas X 15 Skeleton will feature the same sole plate as the regular edition of the first-gen Adidas X.

It's well possible that Adidas will reveal the boots with an all-white paint job in a similar fashion to the all-black laceless Adidas Ace PureControl, while it's certain that Adidas will launch the first colorway of the cleats in April 2015 (White / Semi Solar Slime / Shock Blue / Black - same colors as the regular Adidas X 15 April 2015 Boots).

Revolutionary? What's your verdict on the all-new Adidas X 15+ Skeleton Boots? Let us know in the comments below, and also check out the Adidas X 16+ Skeleton Boots that were already revealed by Thomas Müller and James Wilson several months ago.