Closer Look: David Alaba's Euro 2016 Boots

Update: A new picture has surfaced, giving us an even better look at the unique boots worn by David Alaba.

As you might have noticed, Austria's David Alaba was wearing boots with hand-written inscriptions in today's Euro 2016 match against Hungary.

Alaba's Boots Against Hungary

Here are two close-ups of the cleats worn by David Alaba in Austria's Euro 2016 opener.

The inside of David Alaba's Adidas X 16 football boots read 'Meine Kraft liegt in Jesus', German for 'my strength lies in Jesus,' while the word 'Love' can be seen on the heel counter at the rear of the same shoe. Another writing can be seen on the outside of the left boot, although we were not able to make out the exact text in this case.
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