"Umbro 1990s" Concept Kits for Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus and More

The graphic designers at La Casaca have created a stunning set of 1990s-themed Umbro jerseys for a wide range of clubs that even caught the eye of the double-diamond brand itself.

The set of teams includes the likes of Barcelona, Bayern and PSG, with the only criteria for selection being that said team was not sponsored by Umbro during those years. All shirts are fictional and based on the look of classic Umbro styles from the mid-90s. Check them out below.

Barcelona & Real Madrid

Juventus & Milan

"We believe that the Umbro shirts of the mid-90s were unforgettable. They sought to break with the existing and certainly succeeded. More or less beautiful (the tastes of each are unquestionable) but always showy and well remembered by all" - La Casaca, 2017.

Bayern Munich & Dortmund

Olympique Marseille & PSG

Boca Juniors & River Plate

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