Europe's Most Expensive Stadium Ever - New Tottenham Stadium Images and Details Revealed

Tottenham Hotspur this week revealed new images and details of their new stadium that is built on the same extended site as their current ground.

Tottenham Hotspur's New Stadium Costs 800 Million GBP Instead of 400 Million GBP

Here is how the new Tottenham stadium will look like once completed.

Tottenham's new stadium will be the most expensive in Europe at the time costing about 800m GBP (920m Euro), surpassing the Wembley stadium. In 2008, it was estimated that the new stadium would cost 400m GBP to 470m GBP, while the current updated project was designed with a budget of about 750 million pounds.

Donna Cullen, Executive Director of the project, in an email said that the cost of construction work has increased during construction, and one of the causes would be connected to Brexit. Cullen about has in fact said: "The Brexit has increased by 20% for foreign raw material costs due to the exchange rate, dilating even so the work times. We reviewed the structure of the work and thus also the costs. we are constantly managing costs and we will continue to do so, without lengthening the implementation process, respecting the program."

The new Tottenham Hotspur stadium is scheduled to open in time for the 2018-19 season. Check out more details here.
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