Revolutionary? Introducing Concave's PowerStrike Technology

A brand that has been flying below the radar for quite some time certainly is Concave. Unlike a few other brands which might look up to the likes of Adidas and Nike for inspiration, it's fair to say that Concave has been doing its own thing, built on the foundation of its trademark PowerStrike technology. But what exactly is it? Let's find out.

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Concave PowerStrike Technology

Concave recently released a brand-new video showcasing said technology, and you can watch it above. In short, the PowerStrike construction, which is a feature on all of the brand's football boots, aims to offer more power and accuracy when shooting.

The mean to achieve this is to make sure that the area which strikes the round shape that is the ball is the largest possible. Instead of the way standard football boots shape around the foot, Concave's PowerStrike features a small part that bends inwards when connecting with the ball.

As you'll know if you paid attention to maths at school, such a shape is called "concave", which is of course the name of this whole brand.

PowerStrike technology is available in all of Concave latest football boots, namely the Aura, Halo and Volt, which you can purchase via the link below.

Shop Concave's full boot range

Have you tried out Concave's boots yet? Let us know in the comments below, and read our in-depth review of the Concave Halo+ here.