Football Leaks - All Details of Real Madrid's €1 Billion Adidas Deal Leaked

German newspaper Der Spiegel today published more documents from Football Leaks. According to the report, Spanish giants Real Madrid earn €100m a year from their Adidas deal, while the German brand will also have a say in title celebrations at Cibeles to position the brand.

Some months ago, it was rumored that Under Armour could become Real Madrid's new kit maker.

Real Madrid Adidas Deal Worth More Than €100 Million / Year

The leaked paperwork reveals that Adidas have committed to pay Real Madrid one billion Euro between 2015 and 2024. Annually, Real Madrid will receive a fixed payment of 70 million Euro, plus 22.5 percent of all sales of Real Madrid branded merchandise made by Adidas (Real Madrid will receive at least addtional 30 million Euro per year + 22.5% of sales that exceed that sum).

As is common with such deals, there are also a series of bonuses for the club: if Real Madrid wins the league Adidas will pay up 2.5 million Euro (this sum will rise to 3.5 million Euro after 2020). For a Real Madrid triumph in the Champions League Adidas will pay five million Euro (this sum will rise to 7 million Euro after 2020).

In the unlikely case that Real Madrid would be relegated to the second division, the club would still receive 65 million Euro / year.

Adidas have also secured the right to organize Real Madrid's traditional title celebrations at the Cibeles fountain in central Madrid.

Der Spiegel also revealed that the previous contact between Madrid and Adidas, signed in 2011, included a 40 million Euro up-front payment "in cash".

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