Juventus Forces Romanian Club to Change Name and Logo

Shocking news came out of Romania earlier today as it was revealed that Juventus Bucharest, currently sitting in last place of the country's top division, was asked by the Italian giant with the same name to change its crest and name.

This was confirmed by the club's manager, Marian Barbu, who was quoted saying the following: "Juventus asked us to change our name [and crest] last summer. It's a serious topic, because we could get sued. We've asked for them to wait until next summer, which is when we'll change the name."

He also stated that Juventus Bucharest would become FC Colentina starting in 2018, which is the name of a former club that existed until 1947. Colentina is also the part of Bucharest where Juventus is based.

Juventus Bucharest's name derived from the Italian roots of the club's founders, while the crest is a more or less direct copy of the logo Juventus used until last summer.

In case you're into this kind of thing, we featured many of the more or less obvious 'stolen' crests from around the world earlier this year.

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