Kyle Walker to Join Adidas? Guardiola Debuts 'Power Up' Puma Boots

Manchester City defender Kyle Walker could consider leaving Nike to sign for Adidas, training footage suggests. Thanks to @thatkidzbizz for the spot.

Walker was filmed carrying a pair of a Adidas X cleats, from the still unreleased 'Exhibit Pack', as he made his way to the car park.

Most starters, including Walker, laced up in regular running shoes for the actual session, so we don't know if those Adidas boots were actually his.

Everything indeicates that he was just playing a prank on Benjamin Mendy, as the customization on the shoes seams to match with an earlier picture shared by the Frenchman:

In other news, Pep Guardiola appears to have signed a deal with Puma, lacing up in the recently launched 'Power Up' ONE 19.1 boots.

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