PSG 19-20 Third Kit Leaked - Details

Update: Even more pictures of the PSG 19-20 third jersey were leaked via shirt collector @JoNasso87. They show previously unseen details such as the the 'Paris Saint-Germain 1989 - 2019' text on the collar button.

Update: We have been sent new pictures of the Nike PSG 2019-2020 third jersey. The back features the same print as the front and sleeves, while there's also a French flag detail on the left sleeve.

PSG's 2019-2020 third kit will introduce a 1990s-inspired look, while featuring the classic Nike logo from that era.


PSG 19-20 Third Kit

This is the Nike Paris Saint-Germain third jersey 2019-2020.

Based on the new global Nike third kit theme, which will be the 1990s in this case, the PSG 2019-20 third shirt will be predominantly white with 'university red' brandings.

A red-blue stripe runs down the left side of the new Paris Saint-Germain 2019-2020 third jersey, inspired by early 1990s Nike x PSG shirts. We don't yet know how the 'ALL' sponsor will appear on this shirt, so we've decided to leave it out for now. The Paris Saint-Germain 2019-2020 third jersey has a buttoned retro collar.

Although Paris Saint-Germain usually uses color-adjusted logos on its alternative shirts, the PSG 19-20 third jersey has the crest in its full-color appearance. The 1990s Nike logo sits on the right chest of the shirt after this season's PSG third kit was a Champions League exclusive by Jordan.

The shorts and socks of the PSG 19-20 third kit have the same colors as the shirt.

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