PSG 19-20 Third Kit Leaked - Shorts + Design Info

Update - May 17: The first pictures of the PSG 19-20 third kit have been leaked, giving us an initial preview of the shorts.

Inspired by the 1990s, PSG's third kit will feature a vertical red-blue stripe running down the left side of the shirt, where the crest sits. It will look a bit like the classic below. Thanks to "la source parisienne" for the heads-up.

PSG's 2019-2020 third kit will introduce a 1990s-inspired look, while featuring the classic Nike logo from that era.

PSG 19-20 Third Kit

This picture shows the colors and base design of the Nike Paris Saint-Germain third jersey 2019-2020.

Based on the new global Nike third kit theme, which will be the 1990s in this case, the PSG 2019-20 third shirt will be predominantly white with 'university red' brandings.

Although Paris Saint-Germain usually uses color-adjusted logos on its alternative shirts, we think that the PSG 19-20 third jersey might very well come with the crest in its full-color appearance.

The 1990s Nike logo will sit on the right chest of the shirt after this season's PSG third kit was a Champions League exclusive by Jordan.

Design-wise, the Paris Saint-Germain 2019-2020 third jersey will also be inspired by that time, although no details have become known yet. Below you can see two of the club's iconic 1990s shirts by Nike.

Shorts and socks of the PSG 19-20 third kit will have the same colors as the shirt.

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