People's Choice: Top 10 - Best Kits of 19-20

Last week we asked our readers to name their favorite (and least) favorite kits of the 2019-20 season. Following a few days of voting, we are ready to present to you the first half of the results: here are your Top 10 of the best 19-20 kits.

What stands out immediately here is how dominant the 'big teams' are in this rating. In fact, no team that finished outside the top 5 of its league has made the cut.

In terms of brands, Nike heavily dominates, with six teams out of 10 - a far cry from the brand's low point just three years ago. Adidas (3) and New Balance (1) complete the list. The fact that four(!) Nike third kits made this list despite their late release dates speaks for itself.

10 - Liverpool Home

Liverpool's 2019-20 home kit is a very classy one that won't look out of place in any best of selection. Pending a major surprise, this will be Liverpool's last by New Balance before Nike take over in 2020.

9 - Inter Third

Paying homage long-term sponsor Pirelli as well as the club's 90s heritage, Inter's third shirt is a great example for how a colorful sponsor can elevate a design instead of destroying it, as usually is the case.

8 - Chelsea Third

Completing a decent set for the club's in Nike's third season, the Chelsea third shirt combines a black base with a jacquard print and white and orange trim, its template strongly referencing the iconic 94-95 Nike Premier design.

7 - Barcelona Away

Apart from the horrific home shirt, Barcelona's set this season is actually quite decent. The away is the main reason for that and one has to ask why it took Nike so long to bring back the iconic and timeless look of the Blaugrana sash.

6 - Real Madrid Away

Not my favorite personally, it's still easy to see how the classy Real Madrid away jersey has made the cut. The navy and gold work together well, while the subtle waveform print - inspired by the noise of the fans in the Bernabeu - adds a bit of depth.

5 - PSG Third

The Paris Saint-Germain third shirt is an on-point reference to Nike's debut season with the club 30 years ago. The white shirt combines with the blue-red stripe is a football classic and a great example of how to make a clean design without it becoming boring.

4 - Inter Away

Possibly the best set of the season, Inter's 2019-20 collection by Nike has another spot in this raking. Joining the third is the away, which plainly shows Adidas how it should have done the mint green Bayern shirt a year prior.

3 - Arsenal Away

A great debut collection for the return of the brand to the club, the Arsenal 19-20 away shirt is inspired by the 'Bruised Banana' classic.

2 - Roma Third

Roma's is the highest ranked out of all Nike 19-20 third kits and it's fully deserved. It's yet another retro-inspired shirt, although in this case Nike borrowed from big rival Adidas. It doesn't really take away from the design as the brand easily managed to add its own to the design.

1 - Arsenal Home

Adidas' return to Arsenal has proven a massive success in every way possible. After it clinched the top spot in our ranking, the Arsenal 2019-20 home kit also reached the first place in the user vote.

The Top 10 of the worst kits will follow shortly - in the meantime check out our ranking:

How do you feel abut this ranking? Are you surprised by any of the inclusions? Comment below.