Adidas Germany EURO 2020 Kit Font Released - Not The Same Font For All Teams Anymore?!

Unlike previously expected, Adidas has designed a bespoke typeface for the new Germany Euro 2020 jersey. Let us take a closer look at the new Germany EURO 2020 jersey typeface.

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The new Germany EURO 2020 typeface also means that the Adidas 2018 World Cup font is history now. The typeface used by all Adidas teams in the 2018 World Cup used Cyrillic-style letters and numbers that caused quite a big confusion with viewers.

Adidas Germany EURO 2020 Kit Font - Solely Designed For Germany

The new Adidas Germany 2020 jersey typeface is designed for perfect readability - so the typeface stands in stark contrast to the 2018 one with every letter and number "looking like it should like". The style itself reminds us of a standard Windows font.

Inside each number is a subtle lines graphic pattern. The DFB crest is on the bottom of the numbers.

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We expect the Germany 2020 kit font to feature also on the away kit.

Do you like the Germany Adidas Euro 2020 font? Let us know in the comments below.