All-New, Streamlined Adidas (EURO) 2020 Kit Font Revealed - Only Subtle, Unique Customization For Each Nation?

Update: Adidas has released the first batch of their EURO 2020 / 2020-2021 football kits. With it, we also get a look at the new Adidas 2020 font - the typeface is the same for all teams, except Germany.

Adidas Germany EURO 2020 Kit Font Released - Not The Same Font For All Teams Anymore?!

Adidas 2020 Kit Font - To Be Used In EURO 2020 By All Teams Except Germany

The new Adidas 2020 kit font features a rather standard style.

Interestingly, the font comes with no customization on Adidas' product images. However, we are pretty sure that the fonts of all federations will at least feature each federation's logo on the bottom.

In fact, Japan's 2020 typeface even features a subtle pattern from the kit. It is possible that the Adidas fonts for the other will feature something similar as well - stay tuned for the on-pitch appearance.

The new Adidas 2020 font will be debuted by Adidas' national team kits this week.

Original Article - Japan / All-New Adidas (EURO) 2020 Kit Font Revealed - Very Subtle, Unique Customization For Each Nation?

With the release of the new Japan 2020 home kit, we also get a look at the new Adidas football kit typeface in 2020. Set to be used for all Adidas team kits in 2020 (EURO 2020 & 2020 Copa America, among others), the new Adidas 2020 kit font replaces the infamous Adidas 2018 World Cup typeface.

Adidas 2018 World Cup Font Causes Controversy Again

The official Adidas 2018 World Cup font caused confusion due to its square, Cyrillic-style letters and numbers. The 2018 World Cup font was inspired by traditional Soviet imagery.

Adidas 2020 Kit Font - Set To Be Used For 2020 Copa America & Euro 2020

The new Adidas 2020 jersey typeface has a much less irritating style than the 2018 World Cup font. In fact, the Adidas 2020 font is pretty much very, very standard. The numbers and letters are quite "narrow", especially compared to the 2018 font.

The most interesting thing about the new Adidas 2020 kit font is the customization of the font, which is faintly visible, however. The Japan Adidas 2020 font comes with the graphic pattern of the kit and the federation's crest on the bottom, both very subtle visible in reality.

More examples of the new Adidas 2020 font will be available soon as the Three Stripes will launch many more national team kits this month.

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