All Leaked & Official Serie A 20-21 Kits

Wednesday, 29 July 2020
We have updated our overview of all leaked and official Serie A 2020-21 kits, following the releases of the new Inter, Milan and Roma shirts.

Serie A 20-21 Kits



The Kappa ACF Fiorentina 20-21 home jersey is solid purple with a "clean" style. The Kappa ACF Fiorentina 2020-21 home shirt has a few "frills" on the sleeves and other secondary areas.

No More Le Coq Sportif - Kappa Fiorentina 20-21 Home Kit Info Leaked


The Kappa ACF Fiorentina 2020-21 third jersey is red with a white (or silver) cross, closely inspired by the flag of San Giovanni Battista (patron of the city), which was chosen by the Republic of Florence in the early twelfth century.

Kappa Fiorentina 20-21 Third Kit Design Leaked - No More Le Coq Sportif



The Kappa Genoa 20-21 Zena jersey is inspired by local landscape and architecture, with its navy inspired by the deep blue sea and the gold by the sun and the gold of the buildings in Liguria.

Genoa 20-21 Third Kit Released



The Nike Inter Milan 20-21 home kit will of course be black and blue, as is tradition. There's a catch however: instead of straight lines, the stripes on the Inter 2020-21 home shirt will follow a zig-zag pattern.

Inter 20-21 Home Kit Released


The Nike Inter 2020-2021 away shirt is predominantly white with a grid pattern in the club's principal colors black and blue.

Nike Inter Milan 20-21 Away Kit Released


Although not too far off from this season's third, the Inter 2020-2021 third football shirt could barely be more different, faithfully recreating the iconic 97-98 grey and black hoops. Only the shade of grey used is quite a bit lighter than on the original.

Inter Milan 20-21 Third Kit Leaked - Full Look With Shorts + Socks



Predominantly white, the new Juventus 2020-2021 home jersey features four black brushtroke stripes on the front and sleeves - the back is all-white.

Juventus 2020-21 Home Kit Released


The adidas Juventus FC 2020-2021 away football shirt is dark blue with silver applications and logos. It's a very simple and plain look from this first picture, which is fitting if we take into account the rather wild home and third kits.

Juventus 20-21 Away Kit Released - Custom Serie A Typeface


The new Juventus 2020-21 third shirt boasts a striking design in orange and black. It has a contrasting black graphic design on the front.

Exclusive: Juventus 20-21 Third Kit Leaked - Confirmed



The Macron SS Lazio 20-21 shirt introduces an elegant design in sky blue, with navy logos and a fading white graphic print on the shoulders.

Lazio 20-21 Home & Third Kits Released


Based on the same template and design, the Macron Lazio 2020-2021 third football shirt is dark blue with the graphic and trim appearing in sky blue.



Milan's 20-21 home shirt combines the traditional black and red stripes with a subtle graphic print.

AC Milan 20-21 Home Kit Released


The Puma Milan 20-21 away football shirt will be predominantly white a subtle graphic print. Although first expected to be red, logos on the Milan 20-21 away kit could end up being black as that's what's being used on the shorts.

Milan 20-21 Home, Away & Third Kit Designs + Shorts Leaked


Milan's 20-21 third shirt will have a tealish blue base with a darker shade of blue used for the graphic design. The Puma logo and player names on AC Milan's new 2020-2021 third jersey will be white.

Goalkeeper Home

Based on the PUMA teamFINAL 21 Graphic Teamwear Jersey, the Puma AC Milan 2020-2021 goalkeeper home jersey is turquoise with black logos. Just as all other Puma 2020-21 keeper jerseys, the Puma Milan 2020-2021 goalkeeper home football shirt has a honeycomb graphic pattern on the front.

AC Milan 20-21 Goalkeeper Kit Released

SSC Napoli


The Kappa Napoli 2020-2021 jersey combines the club's iconic sky blue and white colors. The Kappa Napoli 2020-2021 shirt has a modern and simple look that is typical for Kappa.

UPDATE: SSC Napoli 20-21 Home Kit Design Leaked - Red Sponsor Text on Blue Kit?

AS Roma


Roma's 2020-21 home football shirt is inspired by the amazing 1979-80 design.

AS Roma 20-21 Home Kit Released


The Nike AS Roma 2020-2021 away shirt is predominantly 'pale ivory', featuring a black-and-red Lupetto badge on the left chest.

Spectacular AS Roma 20-21 Away Kit Released


The Nike AS Roma 2020-21 third football shirt will be mainly black with 'safety orange' logos.

AS Roma 20-21 Third Kit Leaked - Safari Air Max Inspired


Sampdoria Signs Long-Term Macron Kit Deal + 20-21 Home Kit Teased

What's your favorite Serie A 20-21 kit? Comment below, and check out the Kit Overview for more.
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