Adidas, Nike & Puma - The Top Clubs Of Each Brand From 2020-21

Thursday, 18 June 2020
The 2020-2021 season brings us a lot of kit supplier switches. With it, some of the biggest teams become new Elite Teams, in example Liverpool x Nike. We take a look at which teams are the brand's top clubs for the 2020-21 season.

All 2020 Kit Supplier Switches By Brand - Adidas & Puma Winners, New Balance Big Loser

2020-2021 Premium Football Clubs of Adidas, Nike & Puma

First, it is important to note that there is not such a thing like a fixed Top Teams list of each brand. However, there are clear things that reveal which teams get the 'Premium Treatment' from the brands.

The stuff of the biggest clubs is available to buy globally in the brand's physical stores and also presented prominently in the stores and on social media. The 'Elite Clubs' get more bespoke stuff than other teams, including fourth kits (Nike) or EA Sports jerseys (Adidas).

Celtic To Become 6th Adidas Elite Club?

In the case of Adidas, all the brand's biggest teams receive streamlined stuff such as 'Anthem Jackets', 'Pre-Match Jerseys' and things like "Chinese New Year" collections. There are five / six teams that can be defined as Adidas top clubs, with Flamengo ranked just a bit below the Top 5 (no Chinese New Year collection). We define Adidas' top clubs by the standard.

RB Leipzig to Become 10th Nike Elite Team Next Season

In the case of Nike, we define "Elite Clubs" with those teams that get streamlined third kits - in the 2020-21 season, 10 Nike teams will receive an Air Max-inspired third uniform.

The Air Max Shoe Inspiration Behind Every Nike 20-21 Third Kit (Except Liverpool)

In the case of Puma, it is most difficult. All of the brand's important clubs get an extensive range of items. There are no specific products that define an Elite Team - Puma is the most flexible brand in terms of Elite Clubs.

However, a look on Puma's website reveals which are the biggest teams - in Europe, it are "Man City, Dortmund, Milan, Marseille, Valencia". In the US, it are "Man City, Dortmund, Milan, Chivas and Palmeiras". Italy is the brand's Elite national team.

Adidas Top Clubs:

- We define six clubs as Adidas top teams in 2020-21: Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Arsenal, Juventus and Flamengo (no CNY collection but all other stuff).

Nike Top Clubs:

- we define 10 clubs as Nike top teams: Barcelona, PSG, Chelsea, Atletico, Tottenham, Roma, Inter, Galatasaray, Liverpool and Leipzig (Air Max third kits)

Puma Top Clubs:

- we define 6 teams as Puma top clubs: Man City, Dortmund, Milan, Marseille, Valencia & Palmeiras

If we look at Puma, there are three clubs that are above the others currently - Manchester City, AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund. Those three teams are the only featured in the Top Menu of the European & US website.

Chivas is another top Puma team, but not an Elite club in the US.

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