The Top Squad Of Nike's Lost Players

In the past 12 months, Nike has lost a ton of important footballers. We have imagined how an all-star of Nike's lost players could look like, including some of the world's best players

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Boots XI of Nike's Lost Players

We opted for an offensive 2-3-5 system as Nike lost especially many offensive players. The 2-3-5 system was actually the first long-term successful formation in football ever, recorded in 1880.

Our XI stars has Man City Ederson as goalkeeper and Real Madrid duo Sergio Ramos & Raphael Varane as defenders. The midfield is made up of Fernandinho, Thiago, Arthur and Foden. The four strikers are Coman, Lewandowski, Sterling and Neymar.

Puma increased their line-up significantlyIf we look at the boots worn by the former Nike players, there are four different "sectors".

First, players who are wearing old Nike boots (Lewandowski, Thiago etc). Second, players who wear blackout Nike boots (Coman), Third, players who wear blackout boots of their possible new brand (Ramos). Fourth, players who have already joined a new supplier officially (Varane, Neymar, Arthur).

Two brands secured the Nike athletes - Adidas and , especially, Puma, who increased their portfolio significantly.

We could not include various high-profile players who also left Nike - Anthony Martial, Kyle Walker, Willian, Lacazette, Asensio, Adama Traoré and many more.

What do you think of Nike having lost these players? Do you think it will hurt the brand in the long term? Comment below.